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  • Are the "Out of Stock" Pillow Rack models that we see on the website in production, or are they prototypes?"
    All models are prototypes at this time. So by all means, provide feedback and suggestions to better meet your needs. We are working diligently to secure licensing and manufacturing ASAP.
  • Why are there no price listings on models?
    We intend to provide 3 price points: Low, medium and high-end models. Prices will depend on materials (hollow metal, poplar wood, fine furniture grade woods) as well as final manufacturing and shipping costs. Like you, we wish we knew prices now! As soon as we know, we will email you "The good news." We are working hard to keep costs down and quality high!
  • Is Stow + Stack PILLOW RACK selling to businesses or individuals?
    Once available, we will be selling products to both businesses and individuals.
  • Do most users place Pillow Racks behind doors, display them or hang them in closets when not in use?"
    Families with small children usually hang them in closets, or slide them along inside wall in closets. Many users put them behind bedroom doors, while most users leave them open and out to enjoy, or just because the Pillow Racks look lovely in their rooms! Placing Pillow Racks Under the bed is not recommended due to possible dust issues. In the laundry room's, half of the users put the Pillow Rack behind the laundry room door and half of the users put them alongside a washer or dryer.
  • Some wonderful website visitors have asked how they can help us, so that Pillow Racks become available soon. "
    Share, share, share the website on our favorites. The more evidence of "Proof of Concept,” or pre-orders, the sooner licensing and manufacturing can begin!
  • Which model pre-orders are in the lead so far?
    Pillow Park Place is in the lead by far! Espresso! Second place is Small Side Model. Black and white! Third place is Pillow Perfect Rack. Natural! Fourth place is Simply Brilliant. White! Espresso wins the favorite color category!!!
  • Could we participate in a contest of who can place the most bedding on their pillow rack?
    Sure, What fun! So far the winner is a 6.5’ stack of bedding; weighing 77 pounds! Yes, King size bed with comforter, blanket, fuzzy throw, mattress pad, sheets, 6 king size pillows and 5 decorator pillows!
  • Maybe a bed-making speed contest? Pillow Racks DO save time!
    You’re on!
  • Are there directions on how to best use my new Pillow Rack?
    It is best to place heavy items on the rack first, mounting larger items, and then topping with smaller items! We will work on a video soon. :-)
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