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Stow + Stack



*All products patented in USA, patent pending in Canada


If you can slide your fingers into your closet, behind a door or alongside your dryer, you have HUGE, peaceful, spacious, clean storage space for pillows, bedding, towels and more.


Instantly, there’s up to 50 cubic feet, and 70lbs [31.7kg] of allergen-free storage in a 1½” sliver of space with

Stow + Stack PILLOW RACK!

Several possible configurations of Pillow Racks
The Now Detroit - Moms A Genius (HD)

The Now Detroit - Moms A Genius (HD)

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Baronette Renaissance Hotel House Keeping Demonstration

Baronette Renaissance Hotel Housekeeping Demonstration

Baronette Renaissance Hotel Housekeeping Demonstration

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Make beds faster, easier and cleaner…

“I am so impressed with the functionality of the Stow and Stack Pillow Rack. Judy was kind enough to demonstrate the Pillowrack in one of our guest rooms. I was surprised at the rack’s light-weight and portability. I can see how utilizing the rack can increase productivity and ensure our linens and pillows remain sanitary.”



 Renaissance Baronette Detroit/Novi Hotel 


5 Reasons to LOVE
Stow + Stack PILLOW RACK

Contained and Calm...

Begin and End Each Day in Organized Harmony

  1. For love of pillows and peaceful bedrooms

  2. Mess or stress from piled-high chairs - dressertops - benches
    ... No More

  3. Tight spaces in bedrooms - closets - laundry rooms
    ... No More

  4. Nightly allergens - breathing and skin issues from unclean pillows
    ... No More

  5. Tripping and low bending to the floor
    ... No More

"Simply Brilliant" Pillow Rack in it's stowed postion
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