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Stow + Stack



*All products patented in USA, patent pending in Canada


If you can slide your fingers into your closet, behind a door or alongside your dryer, you have HUGE, peaceful, spacious, clean storage space for pillows, bedding, towels and more.


Instantly, there’s up to 50 cubic feet, and 70lbs [31.7kg] of allergen-free storage in a 1½” sliver of space with

Stow + Stack PILLOW RACK!

Several possible configurations of Pillow Racks
The Now Detroit - Moms A Genius (HD)

The Now Detroit - Moms A Genius (HD)

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As the resourceful creator of Stow and Stack PILLOW RACK, I/we have been focused on breathing healthy air with clean fabrics that touch our faces, caring for each other, and Made in America small business.

In March and April, my fiancé, Bob Morrow and I made hundreds of masks, to help during this pandemic. Our masks went to 3 hospitals across Michigan, including Kalamazoo, Marshall and Novi, as well as a local nursing home, and a COVID-19 unit of a hospital in the Bronx.
Wishing you health and safety 😷

Baronette Renaissance Hotel House Keeping Demonstration